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About Our Company


Welcome to The Herbal Container and thank you for visiting, we want to share with you the quality of living healthy with all natural skin care because we believe that real skin care is carefully cultivated from the earth that the creator has provided us. All of our products are carefully handcrafted in small batches to maintain the highest quality and freshness to preserve the vital essence of the nutritive ingredients in every product that is purchased. In every product we use Virgin Organic Butters and Plant based Oils allowing the vitamins to quickly become actively nourishing, moisturizing and penetrating the skin without feeling greasy or oily. We are a soap company that specialize in creating the perfect natural skin care by providing our customers with exceptional products. Organic natural soap is our specialty, and we take pride in making the final product for our customers to experience calming and soothing qualities of our soap. 

Quality Ingredients you can Trust

We specialize in pairing all of our bar soaps with the perfect plant based oils, naturally occurring Clays and scented with Organic Essential oils. Each bar has its own unique capability consisting of your choice of Clays that are high in minerals and vitamins. We never use harmful dyes and colors just to make them "pretty". Every Bar soap is an all-in one pleasure of lather as it provides Antibacterial qualities as well as moisture without feeling dry. Our creams are made with the highest quality emulsifier that is Gluten-free and the most natural emulsifier on the market, so of course to maintain the freshness of the ingredients, we store all of our body cream in a BPA-free Glass Container. Once you place your order, we start production of your body cream and send it to you absolutely fresh. Ingredients are never sacrificed by exposing it to heat or using plastic to store them, which causes unknown chemicals to become one with the finished product. This sets us aside from the other companies because we build our brand on a pure product not sacraficing quality.  Quality skincare is our priority!

Beautiful Skin is for Everyone!

Beautiful skin is easily obtainable by treating your skin with love by providing it with the necessary ingredients it needs to heal and restore naturally. Every bar soap and body lotion consist of a generous amount of high quality Unrefined Organic Shea Butter and Organic Virgin Coconut Oil in its virgin state activating all of the vitamins and minerals needed for healthy skin, thus allowing the product to heal problem skin instantly. We pride ourselves in every single product we make and understanding the individual need and helping to achieve natural beautiful skin. Let us show you how making the transformation to natural can make a world of difference to the state of healthy looking skin. Our goal is to provide exceptional skin care products and an awesome experience.

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